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At The Wine Store we offer over 100 labels of Red, White & Specialty Wines. Browse our selection by clicking on the following wine collections.

Selecting your wine is easy just use the wine profile chart. Each kit features wines rated for Oak, Body and Sweetness. Look for these letters, alongside wine tasting notes, which best describe the wines' finished profiles.

Wine Collections

On The House

Simple and straightforward, choose your favourite red, white or blush style and be proud of these easy-drinking everyday house wines.

Niagara Mist

Niagara Mist ™ winemaking kits create a unique wine beverage with a fruity twist. Enjoy the refreshingly light and lusciously fruit-forward alternative to traditional table wines. Perfect for any occasion, chilled on its own or as a base for punches and wine spritzers. Ready to bottle in just 4 weeks.

Original Series

When you want an all-around, easy drinking wine to suit any occasion, look no further than VineCo Original Series ™. Keep these approachable and delicious wines on hand for all of life's special (and not so special) events. Ready to bottle in just 4 weeks.

Estate Series

When you want to elevate your draft, choose VineCo Estate Series™ craft winemaking kits. Selected from the world's most renowned wine growing regions, and made with the highest quality juices and concentrates, it's love at first sip. Ready to bottle in just 6 weeks.

Signature Series

When only the very best wine will do. Sophisticated palates demand the most exquisite quality wines. These ultra-premium wine kits bring you a rewarding and delicious experience of creating the most outstanding wines from all over the world. Ready to bottle in just 6-8 weeks.

Cru Select

Each Cru Select kit contains 12 litres of superior quality varietal grape juice and concentrate.

All Cru Select wines have the right body, flavour, clarity and bouquet to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Enjoy distinctive craft wine in as little as six weeks.

Cru International

Each Cru International kit contains 'fresh from the vineyard' flavours and brings the best of the grape to every glass.

Whether you enjoy full-bodied reds or refreshing whites, Cru International has the perfect international wine style for you. Enjoy outstanding craft wine in as little as five weeks.

Heritage Estates

Each Heritage Estates kit contains 6.3 litres of high-quality grape juice and require shorter fermentation times. Wines are light and pleasant, simple to craft, easy to drink and can be enjoyed in just four weeks.

Intended to be enjoyed as soon as they are bottled. Little or no aging required.

Orchard Breezin'

Each Orchard Breezin' kit contains refreshing fruit-flavoured wines that are light, perfectly balanced, refreshing, and can be enjoyed in as little as four weeks.

Perfect for entertaining family and friends! Drink well chilled on its own or mix with your favourite juices or sodas.

Limited Editions

Every year, craft winemakers release limited edition wines through the Restricted Quantities (RQ) Premium Collection. We invite you to create, celebrate and share these wines with your family and friends.

This year, Restricted Quantities invites you to experience...