Who We Are

We ensure every aspect of the wine kit production process will result in high quality wines for your enjoyment.

About The Wine Store

The Wine Store has been in business for over 25 years! All of our wines are 100% guaranteed! Our supplier selects the kits from the highest quality grapes from the finest vineyards around the world, using the same grapes as many familiar wine brands. The grapes are shipped to state-of-the-art facilities where experienced staff sort, crush and press the grapes with new-age techniques and high-tech equipment. They ensure that the grapes are processed with the highest standard of quality assurance.

  • It’s better

    1/7 less the preservatives of commercially produced wine.

  • It’s cost-effective

    1/4 of the price of commercial wine at a liquor store.

  • It’s convenient

    30 Bottles to add to your wine cellar, share with friends or have all to yourself!

  • It's green

    Save the landfill sites by reusing your bottles!

  • It’s social

    Pair up with friends to share batches and try new kinds. Book your bottling time together for a fun time out!

  • It’s fun

    It’s easy to get started and you’ll have fun learning more about wine throughout the process.